Terms and Conditions


1.1 The present Terms and Conditions, updated in November of 2022, together with the order form document and any further documentation referred in these, will regulate the terms and conditions in which the Online Store Service of Porto dos Santos will be provided. 

1.2 The purchase of any product in the Online Store of the Porto dos Santos, implies acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions. 

1.3 Every and any alcoholic beverages available for sale in our Online Store can only be acquired by a person of legal age in their respective country.


2.1 Porto dos Santos reserves the right to modify, without prior notice and at any moment, the information and commercial offer about: products, prices, sales, commercial conditions and services. 

2.2 The images that illustrate every product in Porto dos Santos may vary from the product delivered; these same products are also liable to become out of stock. 

2.3 Despite all efforts, some prices displayed might be inaccurate, reason for which the company will always verify the prices when proceeding to the order processing. Therefore, the prices displayed in Porto dos Santos are merely indicative and do not constitute a contractual proposition. If the actual price is inferior to the announced price, Porto dos Santos will reimburse the surplus. If the price is superior, the company will notify the client of such situation by email and will await the client’s decision to accept the new price or cancel the order within 15 days from the date of the receipt of the email. 

2.4 Under the portuguese law, all displayed prices in Porto dos Santos, include the necessary VAT taxes, except when stated otherwise. For resale professionals only, will the prices not inlcude VAT tax, which will be clearly state besides the price under the notice “Sem IVA” (without VAT). 


3.1 Upon confirmation of order placed in Porto dos Santos, an email to the registered contact will be sent detailing everything about delivery, invoicing, payment information, products and prices. Porto dos Santos advises the confirmation of everything by the clients. In such cases, where the client does not receive the order confirmation email, it is asked that him/her contacts Porto dos Santos through one of the following contacts, such that the notification will be sent again to the client’s email. 

3.2 If any information detailed by the client appears mistaken, and/or the client desires to apply an alteration any information, as long as the order has not been dispatched yet, it is asked that the client contact us, through the following options with the utmost celerity, such that internally the required change can be executed. If the order has already been dispatched, it will have to be analyzed by the Porto dos Santos’s team, which together with the client will try to find a suitable solution for both parties. 

3.3 All orders in Porto dos Santos will be processed only after payment has been received. Placing the order in itself does not constitute products reservation. 

3.4 In case the order cannot be fulfilled partialy or totaly, the client will be immediately contacted by Porto dos Santos in order to find a suitable solution for both parties. 

3.5 All orders done in Porto dos Santos have a maximum payment period of 15 day, after which, the order will be automatically cancelled. 

3.6 Orders can be cancelled when expressly stated by the client through one of the following contacts, before dispatch of the orders. After dispatch, it is asked of the client to contact Porto dos Santos such that, together with the client, will try to find a suitable solution for both parties. 

3.7 These payments are all accepted in Porto dos Santos Online Store: Multibanco Reference, MBWAY (both of these for clients with a portuguese bank account), bank transfer, paypal and bank Boleto (last one for residents in Brazil). 

3.8 Order status have three phases: Pending, Processing, Finalized.  

  1. a) Pending – Awaiting the payment confirmation in the Porto dos Santos’s system;
  2. b) Processing – Payment has been received and the order is now in processing and packaging/preparation;
  3. c) Awaiting – Awaits additional confirmation with the client to advance the order status towards completion. This is only occurs in special cases.
  4. d) Finalized – The order has been dispatched.

3.9 Payments are received in euros, whichever coin the client decides to use to make the transactions, Porto dos Santos will convert it into euros. Taxes of conversion will be beared by the client. 

3.10 Our customer service department may, in certain cases, request some documents in order to process the order.


4.1 To the prices presented with the products, there’s a respective shipping value for each order, which are calculated with the sum of two factors: packaging cost and transportation cost. Packagin cost for each bottle is 2€ (euros). The transportation cost depends on the weight of the order and destination. This value can be simulated in the shopping cart by adding the desired product and filling in every required field of the simulator. The total of shipping costs will be automatically calculated as you place your order in the Online Store. Be advised that some factors of this calculations may vary and suffer changes without any prior notice.


5.1 For sending of the orders to the designated address, it should be selected the option – Nacional Sending (in case it is in Portugal) or International Sending (in case of other countries). 

5.2 Generally, after dispatch, and until delivery, a Porto dos Santos order takes about: 

– 72 hours (working days) to Portugal mainland. Whenever’s necessary to transfer stock to the despatch warehouse, to complete the order, this period may be longer than 72h (working days); 

– Approximately 15 working days to Madeira and Azores islands; 

– Between 4 to 7 working days for Peninsular Spain; 

– Between 6 to 9 working days for other European countries; 

– Approximately 15 working days for all other countries. 

5.3 After dispatch of the orders, the information for tracking will be available in the client’s account who have registered before placing the order, likewise, a notification is sent by email with information for the link where the tracking can be made. This email is sent to both registered clients and unregistered as well. If for any reason the email is not received, it is asked that the client contacts the Porto dos Santos through one of the following contacts, such that all available information about the order dispatch is sent again. 

5.4 After notification of the dispatch, the clients shall supervise the status of the order through the given link, such that they are aware of its present state up until the delivery momento, as Porto dos Santos will not notify any alteration in the dispatch status. 

5.5 All products sen by Porto dos Santos shall be verified upon delivery. If the client notices any damage, it shall return it immediately to the transportation company, justifying duly the motiff of the returned goods in the remittance form of the transporter. It shall also contact Porto dos Santos immediately through one of the following contacts. 

5.6 If, after delivery, the client verifies that any of the products is not in accordance, it is asked, that the client contacts immediately Porto dos Santos through the email [email protected] providing the order number or the document number that came with it, adding also, as attached files, images of all the goods were received and the wrongly sent product as well, such that an internal investigation is open for such occurrence to achieve a solution as fast as possible. 

5.7 Porto dos Santos will not be responsible for dispatches to countries where the law does not allow entrance of alcoholic beverages. It is the client’s responsibility the eventual aprehension of said orders, as well as the payment for custom taxes, when applicable. In case of the goods being returned, Porto dos Santos will reimburse only the amount pertained to the goods. In case of any doubts the client can contact Porto dos Santos before placing the order. 

5.8 Porto dos Santos has hired specialized transporting services for deliveries in Portugal, Europa and most countries in the World. All efforts are made to meet the expected delivery dates, however, there may be delays in the deliveries, where the causes for such delays are not directly related to Porto dos Santos, which, in those cases, we can not guarantee precise delivery dates. 

5.9 Most deliveries are done during work hours and in work days, on the shipping address the client submitted during the placing of the order. 

5.10 For any unsuccessful delivery attempt from the transporting company, a notice will be left in the mail box with company’s indications. Depending on the transporting company deliveries may need to be recovered in a place indicated by said company, or the client may need to follow other indications specified by the company. 

5.11 If, for any reason, the client cannot receive the order or pick it up at the designated site, it is asked that the client contacts Porto dos Santos, such that together a solution suitable for both parties is found.


6.1 Porto dos Santos recognizes to all its clients the right of contract cancellation, granting a period of reimbursement of 30 (thirty) days, of the products acquired, as in the terms described in law decree n.º 109-G/2021 and decree 84/2021, from 10th December 2021. 

6.2 For replacing or reimbursement, it is asked that the client contacts Porto dos Santos through the email [email protected] indicating the order number or the document that came with the order, but being aware of the following conditions: 

  1. a) To return the delivery, it must come in perfect conditions and, when applicable with its original package, accessories and promotional offers, also the purchase proof or invoice will be required.
  2. b) Defective or mistaken goods will be accepted, which, in such cases, Porto dos Santos will bear the costs for shipping every instance in which the client communicates this situation in a period of up to 30 (thirty) days from the date they have received the products.
  3. c) Once the goods are received in our premises and after validity of its status in conformity, we will procede to the reimbursement of its value using the same payment method as the client has used to acquired the goods. Another solution may be discussed and work instead if both parties reach an agreement.

6.3 Porto dos Santos will take full responsibility for any defect from origin or raw material of the acquired product and, if such is confirmed by Porto dos Santos’s speciliazed team, we will proceed to exchange or reimbursement of the money without any cost for the client. 

6.4 Porto dos Santos will not accept any return of used goods or in case of modification or alteration. 

6.5 Porto dos Santos will not take any responsibility for defects caused by incorrect use, negligence, poor storing conditions , or causes of force majeure.


7.1 All purchases done in Porto dos Santos site are subject to the portuguese law. Any conflict or disagreement on the interpretation of this the Terms and Conditions will be submitted to the portuguese Court. 

7.2 In case the client is outside of mainland Portugal, Porto dos Santos informs that any legal action shall be exclusively initiated in the portuguese courts. 

7.3 On the terms and for the effect of the written article 18º of the Law n.º 144/2015, 8th September, Porto dos Santos informs that the available Alternative Dispute Resolution (RAL) entity is “Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo de Lisboa”, with the follwing contacts:  

Address: Rua dos Douradores, nº 112 – 2º 1100 – 207 Lisbon 

Telephone: (+351) 218 80 70 30 

Telephone for Consumer Central: (+351) 213 564 650 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Website: http://www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt/ 

The present terms and conditions may be modified without prior notice, therefore they should be referred to before the placing of any order. 

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